Starting to Beta Test

We are finally starting to beta test which is a website that will give free links to anything you are selling on your blog. It will also manage your checkout process, payment, inventory and customers, making it really easy to sell through your blog. It is like a mini ebay (minus the auctions) with the listings linking to your blog.

One of our more popular hats, perhaps since it is more unusual, is our all wool purple bowler. One recent purchaser was an actual well established dance company which purchased many all at the same time. Here I am going to list it on the blog using Hapful. Lets see how it looks.

And here is the new version of the same product:

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Hat Directory (New) – Free Listings for Hat Makers, Milliners & Designers!

That Way Hat is launching a new free directory of milliners and hat makers and designers. It will be online. Free to list. Free to search. Free for everyone.

The directory is still being tested in beta – you can sign up on the form below and we will email you a link to the directory – you can be among the first to try it. And it will be a permanent listing (only for milliners, hat makers and designers). You can edit or delete your listing at any time.

The advantages of including yourself in the directory are these:

  • You get to show off a picture of your work and a description of your company.
  • You get a free permanent link to your website from your page in our directory.
  • You get more customers, website visitors.
  • If you are in early you will benefit from our early advertising of the new directory.

Other hat directories cost you money – ours is free. Why are we doing this? We want to create a community of hat makers. (Added bonus: small hat makers will be able to sell up to 5 hats per month on our website for free).

Edit January 10, 2012: The directory has finally launched! You can sign up here!

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Blog Shopping Widget Addin (free) with Link Juice

Announcing a free app that will let you sell on your own blog: it will also give you lots of free link juice to each item you list.

This is not another “web store”. You list up to 20 products free each in its own blog post (or you can fit a few products into each post). The app lets you set up your image and description and pricing, will manage your email notifications and your cart and shipping. You copy and paste the javascript code in the html view of your blog post. Very easy. The benefit is: you can sell more on your own wordpress or drupal or other blog pages without paying auction sites their listing and per item fees.

The seo / link juice benefit to this addin app we are not going to explain until it is released. At that point it will be clear how. The app will not only help you sell your product more easily, it will also definitely drive traffic to your blog.

If you would like to sign up to be one of the alpha or beta testers for this free app, please fill out the form below. We will notify you when the widget is ready for you to try.

The advantages of using this javascript application are these:

  • It is free, unlike ebay or most web stores
  • It makes your blog front and center, you won’t be sending your buyer to a dedicated storefront.
  • You can integrate your personal views with your sales process by posting items right into the blog — that makes for an interesting read
  • You will get link juice to your blog through our special free listings (think ebay with links to your blog instead of to your post on ebay’s own site)

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Hats for a First Date

A Safe Date Look

A quiet, yet sure date look

If you are preparing for your first date with a certain someone and would like to make a huge impression yet also be comfortable and confident while doing so, wear a hat that you are accustomed to and know that you look good in.

Trudy Feighery might suggest this hat she made.

This hat by Trudy Feighery may be overly bold on your first date; save it for the second date.


The first date may not be the time to try that saucy hat that you’ve had your eye on for quite sometime but aren’t quite sure about. You don’t want to have to worry about keeping a new hat on your head or whether it looks good on you. Your attention should be on your date. After all, you only have one first date with a person.

Of course, your choice of hat depends on the time of the year, the time of day, where you are going and what you will be doing. If you are a man going to the movies, you don’t want to bring a tall top hat and cane, even if it’s a classic movie! That could upset anyone sitting behind you and mark you as weird at the same time.

Sexy Hat by Lisa Habig - don't take it to the beach!

Sexy Hat by Lisa Habig - don't take it to the beach!

Avant garde and eccentric? Rein it in on the first date. A feather hat in the middle of a summer day at the beach might be a stretch — a bit out of place, and make your newfound friend question his decision to ask you out. Save the quirkiness for a little later in the relationship. Then again, if you were wearing an outrageous feathered fascinator, and weren’t on your way to a royal wedding the first time he set eyes on you, and he still asked you out, then go for it. He already knows that you are unconventional and likes it.

The slouchy beret, which can be crocheted or an oversized cable knitted beanie hat – such as David Beckham or Ashley Simpson frequently wear – is a


David Beckham / Ashley Simpson Slouch Hats

Project Hip, Famous, Young & Rich: David Beckham / Ashley Simpson Slouch Hats


really good look for a first date. It’s not over-the-top, but it is definitely eye-catching. If the weather is cool, it will keep you warm. The way you wear it, how much it slouches, the jaunty placement on your head, tells a lot about you.

The Style of the Roaring 20's on Angelina Jolie

The Style of the Roaring 20's on Angelina Jolie

If you are into retro and enjoy channeling styles from bygone eras, select a cloche, which is reminiscent of the 1920s and the saucy flappers of that time. The 1920s was the era when women first bobbed their hair and wore short skirts revealing some skin (scandalous!). The flappers were skillfully flirtatious!

A cloche can be worn with casual clothes, jeans and a jacket and some kick-ass boots, or with a more upscale ensemble. Once you don a cloche you are destined to flirt, and you should do so by all means.

Is She Flirting with Me? Hat by Harriet Rosebud

Is She Flirting with Me in that big hat too? Hat by Harriet Rosebud


Hats are great flirtation devices.

Hats have been an integral element of fashion since the beginning of time. Hats provide protection from the elements. They keep you warm in the winter and shield your face from the sun in the warm weather months. Aside from their functional capacity, hats are a perceptible fashion accessory. They’re hard to miss. Even the smallest of hats is going to be noticed. Have you ever heard the expression, “If you want to get ahead and get noticed, then get a hat”?

Your face gets noticed in a hat

Your face gets noticed in a hat

A hat draws attention to your face. The right hat — and you may have to try on several “frogs” before you find your “prince”– is unabashedly flattering because it emphasizes your face. Hats complete an ensemble. A spectacular hat speaks for itself.

Hats are also a great camouflage if you are having a bad hair day. No one has to know what lies underneath. Of course, if it’s a first date you really might want to wash and style your hair before venturing out, hat or no hat.

Guest post by Cindi Pierce.


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How to Recover Crushed Hats

Do you have a hat that your brother buried under a pile of clothes and then lay on for a week? Or did something even worse happen to it like your kid ran over it with his toy cement roller? (Hey I don’t know they make those either, but if I were a kid again, I’d love to have one!) Well, there is hope, even if it is felt wool. . . . Lately I have been uncrushing some felt wool hats. This is how to do it – it should also work on many other kinds of hats.

A hatmakers’ secret is that if you steam the hat with lots of steam for a few minutes it may regain its shape. And if doesn’t regain its original shape by itself, you can help it along with care not to burn your fingers. You should shape it while it is still warm from the steam. To keep your fingers safe you may consider some tools like spoons or dull knives to press against the hat. Most hats were finished with some kind of material just for hats (called sizing) that acts to stiffen the hat. You can reactive that stiffening material with steam. There is no need to add more.

What sources can you use for steam? Irons set to steam mode, tea kettles on the stove, electric tea pots that stay on steam mode and hot steam humidifers are some possibilities. Put the hat in the flow of the steam to heat and wet it and then pull it away to shape it how you want it. Some kinds of hats will respond faster than others. But almost all could benefit.

So if your hat was ruined, don’t panic! Hats are surprisingly resilient.

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What Is a Milliner? Do Dictionaries Have it Wrong?

The dictionary says that a milliner is a person who makes or sells women’s hats. But many hat makers disagree. Many say that a milliner is a person who is far advanced in the art of fine hat making. Simply selling hats in a hat store or making run of the mill women’s hats would not qualify you to be called a milliner; you would be a shop keeper or a crafts woman who makes hats, but not a milliner. Being called a milliner implies a high degree of Mastery of the Art.

“He is not a milliner, just a hat seller” and “She is no milliner, she’s still got a lot to learn before being true master of hat making” are phrases that ring out across the ateliers of hatters. I have heard it said that the dictionary simply needs to update its antiquated notion of what milliner is, since it’s definitions are no longer true. Don’t even ask if you are a hat designer. That is several steps from a milliner.

Indeed people who hold this rarefied view of what a milliner is, are gatekeepers who defend the realm of the milliner with so much vigor that few people do dare to call themselves a “milliner” unless they are in fact far advanced in the art of hat making. Those who do may be put on notice that they are violating the spirit of the Art

Therefore the following dictionaries are hereby put on notice of the need to update their definitions: has definitions from Random House and Collins:

Random House Dictionary: “A person who designs, makes, or sells hats for women.”

Collins English Dictionary: “A person who makes or sells women’s hats.”

Merriam Webster has this definition: “A person who designs, makes, trims, or sells women’s hats”

American Heritage Dictionary states: “One that makes, trims, designs, or sells hats.”

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary has this definition: “A person who makes or sells women’s hats”

They were Milanese – The word “milliner” originated in the 16th Century from a word meaning a native of Milan, Italy or dealer of goods from Milan. The Online Etymology Dictionary (quoted in ) states: mid-15c., vendor of fancy wares, especially those made in Milan, the Italian city famous for straw works, fancy goods, ribbons, bonnets, and cutlery. Meaning of “one who sells women’s hats” may be from 1520s, certainly in use by 18c.

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Hat Trivia Facebook Page

I am Hat Wearing People . . . or Not

I am Hat Wearing People . . . or Not

“I am Hat Wearing People” — like a magical two way mirror for hat lovers, this new facebook page encourages participation. Answer hat trivia, upload photos, tag yourself, comment. Don’t be bothered by the grammatically incorrect name that sounds like a cat from from I Can Has Cheezburger had decided to found a millinery page. Check out: I am Hat Wearing People on Facebook

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Imagine a Neat Closet, then Get Going!

Imagine a Neat Closet, then Get Going!

Closets are wonderful because they keep our clothing and accessories out of sight and organized, but can become cluttered. What’s wrong with a cluttered, unorganized closet? It prevents you from opening the door and grabbing an item you need; instead you are left searching through the mess wondering where that item could be. You don’t have to spend countless minutes each morning searching through your closet, instead organize it. Organizing a closet allows you simply to grab your clothing and accessories without the frustration of searching for them.

I don’t know about you, but a pet peeve of mine is when I have to get a ladder to find a hat in the top of my closet. Here’s my method to keep the closet organized and the hats more handy.

We need access to the whole closet, so start by removing all items –clothing, belts, purses and hats – from your closet.

Purchase cup hooks and install them in your closet. A great place to install cup hooks is on the inside of the closet door and the walls in the closet. Often times, walls inside a closet are left bare, instead use the walls to store belts and hats. Hang your belts on the walls inside the closet and your hats on the inside of the closet door. Hats hung on the walls may be pressed against by clothing, so put only your crushable hats there.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have a hard time seeing inside your closet? If this is the case, install a light fixture. Being able to turn on a light, and see inside your closet helps a lot. Reorganizing your closet weekly can be avoided simply by being able to see inside it. Lights prevent clothing or accessories from getting lost after falling or being placed in the wrong area.

What’s another place in a closet that’s typically is bare, but could be used to organize items such as shoes? The floor! We’ve organized the walls of the closet,, now it’s time to organize the floor. The floor in your closet can be used to organized hats as well as shoes.

Do you have hat boxes? High end hats used to come in hatboxes, allowing you store them neatly. But you probably don’t have those old 1950′s hat boxes. Now you can purchase hat boxes in some stores like Pottery Barn. They are often expensive, so consider using less costly plastic boxes instead. Place the boxes on the closet floor from largest to smallest. Once you have organized the hats you store in boxes, also place a shoe organizer on the floor in the closet. A shoe organizer creates extra room for more shoes.

Last, replace clothes. If you have shelves, fold your shirt, shirts and pants in groups, for example all short sleeve shirts in one area and long sleeve shirts in another. Then hang all your dresses and the clothes you couldn’t fold. Your should now be able to find everything in a jiffy.

Organizing closets could become addicting because once you have an organized closet, you’ll appreciate it so much that you’ll want to keep them all that way.

by Stephanie Nolan, Guest Blogger

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Hats, Costumes and Contests, Oh Yes! Build a Costume Around That Way Hat and You May Win!

Invitation? Check. Accessories? Check. An exciting costume for the party? Haven’t a clue.

Some years, the hardest thing about a Halloween party is deciding what to wear. Shoes, purses and jewelry are a cinch to find when you know what you’re looking for. But that’s just it. Where do you start when creating a look? Why not start with a hat?

“Wearing a hat is like having a baby or a puppy;

everyone stops to coo and talk about it.” (Louise Green)

Whether you want to be playful, demure or adventurous for your outfit, just start it with a hat. Designer hats, chic hats, hats that make you go “oooooh.” There’s a hat theme for every costume. Build your costume around a hat from That Way Hat and enter to win that hat. Here’s how:

1. Select one of these 5 hats you’d like to win.

a. Red and Raffia with Black Spotted Ribbon ($36 value)

b. Fascinator – Lace, Feather, Jewel on a Little Hat ($22 value)

c. Capote Black and White Ball Double Sequins Hat ($28 Value)

d. Brown Wool Fedora with a Twisted Band ($22 value)

e. Black or Burgundy Wool Flapper Hat ($21 value)

One of the Prizes

One of the Prizes

2. Tell us: what kind of costume would you wear with the hat you selected? Answers should be 100-200 words and include a link to anywhere on That Way Hat.

3. Post your answer to your blog

4. Once posted to your blog, enter the contest by letting us know the URL to your blog post via our Contact Us form here (please also tell us which hat you wrote about):

5. Congratulations! You’re now officially entered in the That Way Hat contest!

6. Want to double your chances of winning? Get a blogger friend to write a 150-200 word post mentioning That Way Hat (specifically what appeals to them most about the hat selection); post the link to the That Way Hat blog in the comments section and your name will be entered two more times in the drawing. So, instead of just 1 entry, you’ll actually have 3! If your friend gets a blogger friend to do the same, they will also have 3 entries, just like you. (Posts won’t show up right away because of all the spammers trying to get a post in the blog comments).

Contest FAQWinners will be selected randomly five individuals will win 1 hat from the 5 hats to be given away in the contest.

The contest ends October 20, 11:59 pm, EST

Winners will be notified on October 22 via email

Only 1 hat per winner

Blogger friends posting URLs must identify the blogger who invited them to the contest; failure to do so will result in a loss of extra entries.

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How to Make Time Go Slower

Time goes slower for children than for adults. Do you remember when you were a child and a minute’s wait seemed like a long time? And an hour felt like an eternity? A summer lasted for what would now be two years? Why was that? Easy boredom? Or the opposite: the newness of so much of what you encountered?

Recent research sponsored by the Hat Research Institute (HRI) shows that time actually does go slower for children. The lead scientist, George L.P. MacGregor, a psychologist, said: “What the time instantisinal tests show is the perceptual effect of differential metabolic rates. The metabolism of a four year old works at almost three times the rate of a fifty year old. You can see this most obviously manifest in the rate at which a wound will heal. It also affects the experience and the reality of time. For a four year old any given unit of time allows more biologic processes to complete. That includes healing as mentioned, but also thought, perception.”

Further research by MacGregor at the special request of the HRI tested the heart rate of 100 randomly chosen volunteers. He found that the heart rates of those wearing hats was on average ½ of a beat faster than of those without hats. While the research is still on going, it may be that the hat wearer perceives time more slowly because their bodies are working faster.

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