Why our Madagascar Raffia Hats are Different

We make hats exclusively for our brands in a distinctive way. There are five main ways That Way Hat’s Madagascar raffia hats are different from others on the market:

1. The hats have extra folds in the brim. We use lots of extra raffia material to make a distinctive “ruffled” or wave-like look on the brim of the hats. These folds make the hat look more beautiful. And it will also keep its shape better because of the extra folds.

Theirs and Ours. We Add Extra Folds for a Nicer Look and More Stability.

2. The hats are water resistant. While we haven’t tested competitor’s hats, we have tested ours. They hold up very well after being submerged in pool water. They do not run and they keep their shape once they dry. See video: on youtube.

3. The hats have an adjustable sweatband. The sweatband inside the hat has a tie, so that it can be pulled tight if the hat is loose on your head.

4. The hats are available in different head sizes. We offer head size choices, while most other companies offer just one size. We may not spell it out in each listing, but once you order, we always contact you to check your head size. Then we send you a hat that will fit properly. We have extremely small and extremely large sizes, as well as everything in-between. Head size fit will be a factor in why you love your hat.

5. A hidden pocket is in the crown of each hat. Have you ever gone to the beach and worry your driver’s license or cash might get stolen as you take a walk in your bikini along the shore? Now you don’t have to hide your valuables under your towel. You could just slip them into the hidden pocket of your hat!




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