Buy Hats Wholesale — Why We Sell Wholesale

Over half of our hat business is wholesale hats: stores, boutiques, hat makers, and even some vendors buy our hats. We like our wholesale customers and try to give them exactly what they need at a good price.

Our Madagascar Hats at Wholesale Trade Show - Trendz
Our Madagascar Hats at Wholesale Trade Show

One of the benefits of selling wholesale is that we get feedback from many of our buyers. They get feedback from their retail customers , and they pass it on to us. We learn what hat colors are wanted, how people like our hidden pockets, how the sweatbands are working. We hear about any problems they come across with the stitching. The stores managers also provide their own insights, ideas and suggestions. Many of them are very savvy about what styles work, the market, and the trends.

Recently we have been expanding our wholesale efforts by attending trade shows. We have learned that the selling custom at apparel tradeshows, much more than at gift shop tradeshows, is for exhibitors to set up appointments in advance with potential and existing customers.

That Way Hat decided to focus on our hats from Madagascar for our trade shows. While we still wholesale a variety of felt hats and straw cowboy hats and other hats, the Madagascar lines is where we put our main efforts.

Craft Show Vendor Selling Hats from Madagascar

Our next show will probably be the Coast Show in Miami in early October, 2018. If you would like to see us there (or to visit our warehouse at any time), please tell us. We will be happy to meet your buyers.




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