Truth in Labeling: Hats, Food and Authors

The hat industry – and garments generally – is relatively truthful in its labeling. Materials and countries of origin are stated with admirable precision. Even though some “Made in America” labels may be the result of finishing, designing or assembling, we know what we are wearing. And we know the percentage of the different materials.

American Made Automobile

Compare the hat you are wearing to the hamburger your friend may be eating. While they had a little problem with trace amounts of horse meat in the British burgers, fortunately we don’t do that sort of thing here in the USA anymore, since we closed all the horse slaughter houses (but . . . two new ones may be starting soon).

Navigating the Food Source Morass

However, don’t let her bite into it just yet. The burger may be “all beef” in accordance with USDA and FDA requirements. But what does “All Beef” mean?

“All Beef” means made from any edible part of a cow. Edible includes bones, brains, intestines, kidneys, etc. I am not joking. We thoroughly checked this out. An “all beef patty” or “100% beef burger” could be a mixture of brains, kidney and bone meal, as long as they are all from a cow.

Falling Down the Sink Hole

Now that you are thoroughly disgusted and particularly glad it was your friend, not you, about to bite into that burger, let us divert you with a story.

Recently we heard someone say they were a “New York Times published author”. They claimed they were justified because they had written a post in a blog that was republished on one of blogs on the NY Times website. We have thought of some analogs:

The FBI vetted author
The Harvard interviewed author
The Conde Nast censored author

Pass the ketchup anyone?




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