Selling Hats on the Web: How One Hat Maker Sold an Extra 70 Hats Online in April 2013 – a Case Study

Are you trying to increase your online hat sales? If so, read on about how we worked with CrowningLori Hats of Oregon to help them sell an extra 70 hats in the thirty days of April.

CrowningLori’s main selling venue is their hat shop in Portland, Oregon where Lori Mirati maintains her hat making studio. By selling online as well they have been able to connect with more customers. Their target audience includes:

1. Kentucky Derby hat wearers
2. Red Hat Society members

Before adding online sales via That Way Hat, CrowningLori already sold on Etsy, a venue successfully used by many hat sellers. Lori reports that selling on more than one online venue has resulted in a substantial increase in the number of sales this year over last. While about 1/3 of their online sales were directly via That Way Hat, due to CrowningLori’s greater web search visibility, shoppers increasingly sought them out everywhere.

That Way Hat has found that, generally, the more hats that our member milliners list the more they sell. This past Kentucky Derby season we helped CrowningLori to list over 100 hats on That Way Hat. Here are some key points:

• One of our assistants in the Philippines took the photos provided by CrowningLori and wrote unique descriptions of each hat.
• The titles of the hats were taken from famous race horses and other horse related subjects. Each hat was individually numbered for easy retrieval from storage by CrowningLori.
• The photo images themselves were also given descriptive names.
• We added each hat to Google Shopping (at our expense) to help advertise.
• We produced a Kentucky Derby Infographic to generate interest in the Kentucky Derby section.
• We created a link from our website front page to the Kentucky Derby section.

Lori found that awareness of her hats increased substantially year over year, even in Portland, as many hat customers mentioned finding her online for the first time: a “ricochet” effect. Kevin Mirati, Lori’s husband reported:

“Thanks to the efforts of Geoffrey Mintz [founder] at That Way Hat we were able to reach a much larger audience this year than last, and a significant increase in sales has been the result. The Google Ad Words campaign that Geoffrey initiated was a big plus, enabling us to sell 150+ hats, both online and in-store, throughout the United States and locally. Approximately half of these went to the ‘Derby – our eighth year ‘there’ – with the balance going to local KD parties, the largest of which hosted over 1500 participants. Now that we are ‘on track’ with Geoffrey and That Way Hat we look forward to increasing our sales exponentially next horse racing season.”




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  1. marge crunkleton says:

    Hello, I found your information very interesting and true. I happen to make mannequin heads witch mimic the vintage heads in my personal collection. I have over 21 different vintage style circa 1920 to 1955 heads … great reproductions. I am 82 years old and know very well how vintage should look My problem is this…although I make a wonderful manny head…no one knows about me. Can you help me!…too.

    I am going to follow your blog….for more tips and interesting reading. Thanks for sharing. Marge