Should Far Out Kentucky Derby Hats Ever be Made Fun of?

When you’re at the Kentucky Derby, does anything go or should you try to look good in a fashionable way?

And if it doesn’t look fashionable, is it OK for the media to make fun of you like they do
here at the Huffinton Post? Those snide photo by photo sidebar comments are amusing but cruel. It says things like:

There was this giant purple monster with feathers and it was chasing me through my old high school.

Originally designed to be worn by Helena Bonham Carter at the Oscars, this hat has found new life startling horses at Churchill Downs.

Mixed Messages Hat: The horses hanging by their necks say, “no,” but that come-hither red bow says, “yes.”

Or are the wilder hat wearers looking for publicity and the yearly 10 minutes of fame that goes with their insanely imaginative hats? Sports Illustrated takes a gentle approach by not commenting at all, just displaying the photos.

What do you think? What kind of hat would you rather wear? Would you like the publicity?




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One Response to Should Far Out Kentucky Derby Hats Ever be Made Fun of?

  1. Kathleen Lisson says:

    Commenters should be free to share the same words online that they would tell the lady or gentleman in person. This is no place for cruelty. I think that some ladies WANT the attention and love to make other people smile with their crazy hats. Similar to the mission of a friendly clown or mime, they bring simple joy. I think that people are only hurt if they think that they look glamorous and others do not.