Why I Made a Hunger Strike Against the Fiscal Cliff

On January 1, 2013 because there was no resolution, I started a hunger strike against government inaction on the fiscal cliff.  Since then I have come to believe Americans need radical change in the structure of our government.

Hunger Strike Against the Fiscal Cliff 2013

Initial Motivation for the Hunger Strike: While the livelihood of Americans was being threatened, the two political parties have been more interested in political posturing than public service. I will stopped eating until the cliff was averted and urged other Americans to do the same. It was a short hunger strike as can be seen below:

Update: 1:00pm January 1st.
The Senate passed a bill, but still fasting as no agreement yet in House.

Update: 12:15 am January 2nd.
House passed a bill too; hunger strike ended as of now.


Lawrence Lessig recently wrote a book (Republic, Lost) in which he points to campaign fund raising as the primary cause for the ineffectiveness (and subtle moral corruption) of the two political parties. He is pessimistic about a solution.

I propose a reversion to  a system of multiple parties. Clearly the two party system is no longer working. Two parties are not enshrined in the Constitution. Instead an array of election laws gives us two dominant parties. We should do away with every law that favors the two parties and allow open elections with as many parties as may appear.

  • The format of ballots in the voting booth should be party neutral.
  • Public funding should be available to parties other than Democrats and Republicans.
  • Getting on listed on the ballot in each state should be easier.
  • The national conventions of the top 8 parties should get equal air time.

What we need is a true shake up of the money influenced political parties we have seen lose sight of the national interest for their own.




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