Post Office Storm Recovery Efforts Are Weak

It has been three weeks since the storm of Oct 30th, 2012 yet the only post office in Greenpoint, Brooklyn has remained closed. Every other store in the area reopened quickly after super storm Sandy hit. Fortunately the area did not lose electricity, even though there was some flooding.

The post office does not seem to care about the inconvenience it causes by not making an effort to reopen. They won’t sell stamps or do any window service. They have no working machines. If you call the main post office number, they say the local post office is open as usual. But of course it is not.

The reason has something to do with the basement’s having been flooded on Oct 30th from the hurricane. Apparently they lost internet equipment, but not electricity or phones. So while they will accept prestamped packages and deliver mail, they won’t do anything else.

This post office in the past usually had long lines and variable service (depending on which clerk you got), but now they have gone to a whole new level of indifference. In a way it is shocking and is the most noticeable remaining after effect of the storm in this area.

What would I suggest? Fix the internet, how can it be so hard? Bring in automated stamp selling machines. Park a stamp selling truck outside.

For That Way Hat things are back to business as usual. We buy our postage online. All four of our warehouses had no flood damage. We are fortunate.




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