Jewelry Directory (New) – Free Listings for Jewelry Designers, Makers and Suppliers

We are launching a new free directory of jewelry designers, jewelry makers and suppliers. It will be online. Free to list. Free to search. Free for everyone.

Each free listing will include a picture of your jewelry and information about your business, how to reach you and find your website.

And No B.S. about getting reciprocal links or approval fees, etc. We give you one and don’t ask for one back.

We are in the process of creating the directory. If you would like to be notified of when it launches — you can be among the first to try it. The listing will be permanent without expiration; you can edit or delete it at any time.

The advantages of including yourself in the directory are these:

  • You get to show off a picture of your work and a description of your company.
  • You get a free permanent link to your website from your page in our directory.
  • You get more customers, website visitors.
  • If you are in early you will benefit from our early advertising of the new directory.

Other jewelry directories cost you money – ours is free. Why are we doing this? We want to create a community of jewelry makers like we are doing for hat makers.




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