How to Sell Your Handmade Hats Online

If you would like to sell hats that you have made yourself on, simply notify us here: sell your hats here!
Send your contact information including your email and your phone number. We will reply to let you know how to email photos. If they are good quality, interesting, beautiful & hand made, we will include them. You may also offer custom made hats.. We charge a fee only for what sells (5% if payment is made directly to you via paypal, and an extra 3% if instead we process the payments via our own credit card processor). There are no listing or maintenance fees. You can ask that they be removed from our store whenever you like.

We attend trade shows and market to stores as well and though we make no guarantee of inclusion, we may bring attention to your millinery for the right buyer.

Other places you might consider marketing your hats are:
Local Gift Fairs and Shows

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