Why Wholesale Your Hats?

Wholesaling hats was one of the many topics the four interlocutors of the Hat Meetup discussed yesterday over drinks and snacks at the first meeting of the NYC Hat Makers Meet Retailers. Other topics were more personal about what we are doing and how we got there.

The four of us enjoyed the chance for an intimate chat about our passion (millinery). The location, Pranna, turned out better than expected with a comfortable side nook in an elegant room and reasonable prices . . . as long as you followed the happy hour menu like a falcon hawk whose hood is lifted watches a sparrow. We will look forward to the next meeting on Tuesday, April 10th at 7:00pm.

Come join us!




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One Response to Why Wholesale Your Hats?

  1. Gurdeep says:

    I came across a Peggy Clarke hat when anlcrieg out my late grandmother’s apartment. It does not suit me and I’m wondering if it has any value or if I could donate it to a fashion museum. It feels like fur but if it is faux fur, I’m surprised at the quality for that time period. I’d appreciate any feedback anyone has to offer!