Blog Shopping Widget Addin (free) with Link Juice

Announcing a free app that will let you sell on your own blog: it will also give you lots of free link juice to each item you list.

This is not another “web store”. You list up to 20 products free each in its own blog post (or you can fit a few products into each post). The app lets you set up your image and description and pricing, will manage your email notifications and your cart and shipping. You copy and paste the javascript code in the html view of your blog post. Very easy. The benefit is: you can sell more on your own wordpress or drupal or other blog pages without paying auction sites their listing and per item fees.

The seo / link juice benefit to this addin app we are not going to explain until it is released. At that point it will be clear how. The app will not only help you sell your product more easily, it will also definitely drive traffic to your blog.

If you would like to sign up to be one of the alpha or beta testers for this free app, please fill out the form below. We will notify you when the widget is ready for you to try.

The advantages of using this javascript application are these:

  • It is free, unlike ebay or most web stores
  • It makes your blog front and center, you won’t be sending your buyer to a dedicated storefront.
  • You can integrate your personal views with your sales process by posting items right into the blog — that makes for an interesting read
  • You will get link juice to your blog through our special free listings (think ebay with links to your blog instead of to your post on ebay’s own site)




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