Imagine a Neat Closet, then Get Going!

Imagine a Neat Closet, then Get Going!

Closets are wonderful because they keep our clothing and accessories out of sight and organized, but can become cluttered. What’s wrong with a cluttered, unorganized closet? It prevents you from opening the door and grabbing an item you need; instead you are left searching through the mess wondering where that item could be. You don’t have to spend countless minutes each morning searching through your closet, instead organize it. Organizing a closet allows you simply to grab your clothing and accessories without the frustration of searching for them.

I don’t know about you, but a pet peeve of mine is when I have to get a ladder to find a hat in the top of my closet. Here’s my method to keep the closet organized and the hats more handy.

We need access to the whole closet, so start by removing all items –clothing, belts, purses and hats – from your closet.

Purchase cup hooks and install them in your closet. A great place to install cup hooks is on the inside of the closet door and the walls in the closet. Often times, walls inside a closet are left bare, instead use the walls to store belts and hats. Hang your belts on the walls inside the closet and your hats on the inside of the closet door. Hats hung on the walls may be pressed against by clothing, so put only your crushable hats there.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have a hard time seeing inside your closet? If this is the case, install a light fixture. Being able to turn on a light, and see inside your closet helps a lot. Reorganizing your closet weekly can be avoided simply by being able to see inside it. Lights prevent clothing or accessories from getting lost after falling or being placed in the wrong area.

What’s another place in a closet that’s typically is bare, but could be used to organize items such as shoes? The floor! We’ve organized the walls of the closet,, now it’s time to organize the floor. The floor in your closet can be used to organized hats as well as shoes.

Do you have hat boxes? High end hats used to come in hatboxes, allowing you store them neatly. But you probably don’t have those old 1950′s hat boxes. Now you can purchase hat boxes in some stores like Pottery Barn. They are often expensive, so consider using less costly plastic boxes instead. Place the boxes on the closet floor from largest to smallest. Once you have organized the hats you store in boxes, also place a shoe organizer on the floor in the closet. A shoe organizer creates extra room for more shoes.

Last, replace clothes. If you have shelves, fold your shirt, shirts and pants in groups, for example all short sleeve shirts in one area and long sleeve shirts in another. Then hang all your dresses and the clothes you couldn’t fold. Your should now be able to find everything in a jiffy.

Organizing closets could become addicting because once you have an organized closet, you’ll appreciate it so much that you’ll want to keep them all that way.

by Stephanie Nolan, Guest Blogger




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  1. jenna says:

    Great Idea, i have a Custom Closet in my room but always looking for ideas to organize my daughters closet, love this post

  2. closets Bergen says:

    There are a lot of ways on how you can organize your closets. Whatever system you opt to choose it is just important to adapt a way that is best suited to your lifestyle and that will ensure to maximize your available storage space.

  3. Clarence@How To Organize Your Closet says:

    I agree to that. Just to add up… You can also group your items according to color. Learning how to organize a closet through color is a simple way on keeping a closet organized. Group your clothes and accessories according to the frequency you’ve used them (such as office wear, night out clothes, formal wear, etc). Once you’ve made a main set of grouping, group them again into shirts, shorts, blazers, polo, etc. Then, put them back on the shelf or rack according to their color coordination.

    • Ode says:

      Okay well a description of my csloet is as goes.One side is his and one side is hers . Her side starts on the left, all the clothing items are organized first by fancy, then semi-fancy, then casual and by color darkest to lightest. Everything on the left side is long, starting with long dresses, short dresses, skirts, pants, and tops. All organized according to the above. His Is still organized by the over rules..(fancy, semi-fancy, casual and darkest to lightest)On his left side starts with tops, then pants, then into his work pants, then work tops, then work coveralls.Shoes have a rack under each of our sections and the are organized the same way only the fancy ones are put into a large container that we slide under our bed.Now all this will change because we will be expanding our csloet soon but thats how it is now.Hope this helped!

  4. closet organizer says:

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