Walk or Run

Have you ever searched the internet to find the benefits of running a mile a day? The results will disappoint you. You will find that all that running effort will result in virtual no change to your health or fitness. If you want to be healthy you’d have to do about 25 miles a week (over 3 miles a day).

What about walking a mile a day? An internet search will reveal the wonderful benefits to your health and fitness of any amount of walking. A mile a day will do wonders!

I myself started running just a few minutes a day (like 3 minutes!) after six months of no exercise. I noticed definite improved stamina and body tone after a week or so. Short but frequent intense physical effort really makes a difference to your body.

What can we learn from this about hats? Let’s say you are self conscious wearing one of your more bodacious hats. Don’t fret and look for others opinions about whether to wear it out for a fancy event or an ordinary trip to the supermarket. Just try wearing it a few minutes a day around the house until you feel more comfortable; until you and the hat are bosom buddies. Then take it from there.





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