The Sun and the Moon Walking Together

 I just saw the new Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris where a mysterious jump to the past is possible at midnight. My childhood fascination Gertrude Stein was featured as a character, along with many other famous foreigners in Paris of the 1920′s. I recalled a story in her book the Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein (isn’t that title a neat contradiction in itself?).  Alice was walking with Fernande, the lover of Picasso. Both Fernande and Alice were wearing hats. She recounted:

“We talked hats. Fernande had two subjects hats and perfumes. This
first day we talked hats. She liked hats, she had the true french feeling
about a hat, if a hat did not provoke some witticism from a man on the
street the hat was not a success. Later on once in Montmartre she and I
were walking together. She had on a large yellow hat and I had on a
much smaller blue one. As we were walking along a workman stopped
and called out, there go the sun and the moon shining together. ‘Ah’, said Fernande to me with a radiant smile, ‘you see our hats are a success.’ ”

It is interesting and sad to learn from wikipedia that later Fernande had a difficult life of poverty.





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